April 2005

February 2nd marked the hundredth anniversary of the birth of one of America's most controversial and inspiring writers, Ayn Rand. She continues to be wildly popular among the young: some 14,000 high school students per year submit entries to essay contests on her novels and, in

Dan Norton writes in: The application deadline for admission to the 2005-06 academic year at the Objectivist Academic Center, a department of the Ayn Rand Institute, is April 18, 2005. Please visit aynrand.org/academic for more information about the OAC. The application form is available at: aynrand.org/education_academic_uapp.

In February I was contacted by a few students who wanted to put together an Objectivist publication aimed at college students. 2 months, 15 pounds of coffee, 3 hours of sleep, and 4 bottles of Macallan later, we produced the first issue. 8,000 copies of issue