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In the online edition of our April issue, the article "Self-Censorship Epidemic on College Campuses" misquoted Tom Bruno as being critical of the Daily Illini. The online version has been corrected and the print version was fixed before it went to press. Our apologies to

Our flyer offers a different perspective for the school currently educating a former spokesman for the Taliban: If you have cool pictures (or any pictures) of people reading the flyer (or TU in general), write us--we'd love to see them. Update: Incidentally, that is a statue of

The next issue will go to press next week. The theme is religion. The articles are available for preview on the right.If you care about the survival of our culture, as we desperately do, please consider distributing The Undercurrent on your campus. We won't review

The July issue of TU has been printed and is being distributed. The finalized articles are available on the right, as are the PDFs. As usual, these PDFs are locked from printing, and you'll need to ask permission for unlocked copies.The exact numbers on the