1. In case you’ve missed our recent announcements, thanks to the generosity of donors, we have stacks of our flyer available to ship to you free of charge. Please contact us to request copies and join the fight for free speech.

2. The Ayn Rand Institute has announced a campaign for free speech centering around the Danish cartoons:

In light of the recent violent outrage in the Islamic world over the “Danish Cartoon” controversy, and the anemic response to this outburst in Europe and America, the Ayn Rand Institute is pleased to announce a campaign to bring the Danish cartoons to the widest possible audience–and to arrange a series of panel discussions to discuss the vital need to defend free speech.

More information is available at aynrand.org/freespeech.

3. As extra motivation, here are some pictures from an enthusiastic distributor who blanketed Columbia with over 1,000 copies of our flyer today–including their school of journalism.

Update: For those of you coming from LGF who want to see the flyer, web and PDF versions are available on the front page.

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