The next issue will go to press next week. The theme is religion. The articles are available for preview on the right.If you care about the survival of our culture, as we desperately do, please consider distributing The Undercurrent on your campus. We won’t review for you all the ways in which our culture is dying for lack of intellectual fuel–presumably, you already know the symptoms, and see them around you daily. But if we want to resuscitate the culture, we must start on college campuses, where it’s suffocating today at perhaps a faster rate than anywhere else.It won’t cost you much at all, in money or time, to distribute The Undercurrent. It’s on newsprint, so it’s cheap (about $8.75 per 250 copies plus shipping), and it takes maybe half an hour to distribute stacks of it to key locations on campus. But for that price, you get to expose countless students to Objectivism. Many of them you might not have reached any other way. That’s what we get out of TU–knowing that we’re making some kind of real impact on campus culture, breathing whiffs of reason and earthly values onto the students who pick us up and read our pages. But we can’t do it without distributors.The deadline for ordering copies of this issue is Tuesday the 24th. If you want to make an order, write us with your address and the number of copies. It costs $8.75 for 250 copies plus shipping.

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