As you may have noticed, there was no second issue this semester. Based on the first four issues, both the products and our experience in producing them, we took some time to clarify our goals and change the paper accordingly.

We are scaling back on the cultural commentary. There will still be articles and arguments, but less of them, and generally with simpler themes. We are adding a news feature, where Objectivist events (book releases, talks, etc.) are simply reported on. We are also adding a feature that engages with various other prominent campus papers.

There will be some basic layout changes, ranging from some the addition of graphical elements to including a brief blurb about Objectivism in every issue.

These all add up to a significant change for TU. The goal is to focus more intensely on (a) promoting awareness of Objectivism to a general college audience, and (b) channeling those interested to AR’s works, ARI, and campus clubs.

Personally, I am very excited about these changes, as I think they will substantially increase the value and effectiveness of TU.

As usual you can contact us with questions and comments. You can also join our mailing list.

Issue 5 will go to press in January.

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