Looking to spread Ayn Rand’s ideas among college students? You can’t afford not to distribute The Undercurrent–find out more about both our project and forthcoming issue, below.Here’s an indication of the articles inside Issue 4; tell us right away if you’re interested in ordering a batch of copies. Does your campus club have any upcoming events or meetings? We’ll put them in the paper and advertise it–regardless of whether you intend to order copies. Just let us know at your soonest convenience by emailing us.

  • Gena Gorlin on Harry Potter and its cultural reception,
  • Don Watkins on the anti-science right and left,
  • Audra Hilse on the importance of historical principles and why we have forgotten 9/11,
  • Rebecca Knapp on extracurricular campus life and a call forindividualism,
  • Ray Girn on the pitfalls of mental passivity (and the importance andpleasure of focus),
  • and more, including a staff editorial & ARI op-ed.

Why distribute The Undercurrent?

  • articles are written with clarity and persuasiveness for a collegeaudience unfamiliar with Objectivism
  • article topics are always fresh, relevant, and provocative
  • it’s on newsprint, so it’s cheap. Distribute mass numbers for a low price–a rate of about $8.75 plus shipping per 250 copies–and reach hundreds more students than your usual means of campus activism
  • our regular “announcements” section draws attention to the nationwide network of Objectivist activism in general, and your campus club’s events & meetings in particular. (For additional publicity for your club, it’s very easy to stamp your club’s name and contact information on each copy.)

For more information, peruse this site or contact us.

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