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The Undercurrent Gains Momentum as 10th Anniversary Approaches

Objectivism is a philosophy about self-development and growth, so Malewski wants TU’s lectures, events, and workshops to be geared toward helping its members and students at large improve themselves. Self-development is what college is all about and why many students elect to attend it.

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Announcing TU’s Student Leader Program

The Undercurrent is recruiting 10 ambitious students to become the founding leaders of The Undercurrent Student Clubs network.

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Applications open for the 2014 The Undercurrent Student Conference!

Apply today! Lodging is FREE and travel scholarships to the first thirty accepted applicants.

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CEO Pay: Money Well Spent

CEOs, some declare, make too much money. The basic premise of this claim is that the ‘excessive’ pay is undeserved–-that executives take home runaway paychecks regardless of performance. Others say that no matter how well a CEO performs, no one is worth millions of dollars. They point to the gulf between what a CEO earns […]