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Romney, the Race Card, and the Danger of Vague Ideas

Racism is wrong because it assumes that a person’s race (something he can’t choose) determines his character (which is determined by ideas he does choose). Since culture consists of ideas that many people choose to hold, it is legitimate and necessary to judge how those choices affect the lives of the people in a culture.

Campus Media Response: Beware of Democratic Tyranny in Mideast Revolutions

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Campus Media Response: Beware of Democratic Tyranny in Mideast Revolutions

In a sudden groundswell of popular anger directed against Arab dictatorships, a popular uprising that began in Tunisia has now inspired protests in other Middle Eastern countries—most notably, Egypt. It is inspiring to see people rise up against tyranny, and the world, understandably, is following the story with great excitement and anticipation. But we cannot […]

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Not All Constitutions Are Created Equal

The American Constitution established individual rights as the founding legal and moral basis of this country. The result was a nation whose inhabitants have lived and prospered magnificently, because they were left free to do so. Today President Bush has heralded the establishment of the Iraqi constitution on the grounds that it is a step […]

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Death to “Diplomacy” With Iran

European diplomats, who courted Iran in an attempt to halt its suspected nuclear weapons program, regret that “diplomacy” did not dissuade Iran from its plans. But this failure was foreseeable. That diplomatic effort was touted as a reasonable way to settle the dispute over Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program without any losers. By enticing Iran […]