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Kira Peikoff’s Living Proof Speaks To Today’s Controversy on Stem Cell Research

There is no evidence for the existence of souls in embryos. Stem cell research ought to be commended not condemned, and more importantly, should never forbidden by law.

Opponents of Stem Cell Research: Enemies of Human Life

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Opponents of Stem Cell Research: Enemies of Human Life

Minnesota is currently in the thick of an ongoing debate surrounding embryonic stem cell research and its legislature is now considering a bill that would classify such research as a criminal offense rather than as a scientific achievement. In an article in The Minnesota Daily, Julian Switala dives right into the middle of this controversy: […]


Defining Life: The Moral Case for Stem Cell Research

In a recent political move, Republican Presidential candidate John McCain voiced his opposition to embryonic stem cell research (ESC). Yet, even as the controversy rages on, the real reasons for opposition to embryonic stem cell research are increasingly obscured. Stem cells are, in simplest terms, the basic cells that replicate and change into the various […]

A Little Change Means a Lot

Opponents of embryonic stem cell research often highlight the similarities between babies, fetuses, and embryos, and dismiss the obvious difference between them. Their arguments almost invariably rely on the difficulty of marking precise dividing lines between them, and offer this difficulty as a reason to dismiss the distinctions outright. According to these proponents, there is […]