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“That’s Why I Draw You”: An Interview with Bosch Fawstin

  Bosch Fawstin is an accomplished artist, cartoonist, and free speech activist. His entry, printed above, took home First Prize in the “Draw Muhammad” event in Garland, Texas. The Undercurrent’s Jon Glatfelter had the privilege of interviewing Bosch. The Undercurrent: What was your experience during the Jihadist attack in Garland? Fawstin: I was in the […]

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All Entrepreneurs are “Social” Entrepreneurs

One cannot celebrate enough the value that profit-seeking entrepreneurs contribute to our lives. The most important “social entrepreneurs”—the problem solvers who lift up society—are the profit-makers, not the profit-givers.

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Kira Peikoff’s Living Proof Speaks To Today’s Controversy on Stem Cell Research

There is no evidence for the existence of souls in embryos. Stem cell research ought to be commended not condemned, and more importantly, should never forbidden by law.

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Affirmative Action: A Solution to Racism—Or Its Symptom?

  Racism was and is a part of American culture. Most of us have probably heard or even said a racist quip or a derogatory comment on the street, in the locker room or at the water cooler. “Oh, he’s black, he must have voted for Obama.” “You know what they say, white men can’t […]

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Campus Media Response: Do We Need Faith to Know Right from Wrong?

There are objective principles that constitute good living. Both faith and hedonism are opposed to reason; both disvalue the importance of deriving good and evil from the nature of reality itself.