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Undercurrent Fall 2016 Cover


Dear Friend and Reader:

Jon Glatfelter here, The Undercurrent‘s new Editor-In-Chief. It’s almost time to flip the calendar to November, which means the team is dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on TU’s Fall 2016 Magazine.

I wanted to share the punchline with you now though. It’s titled The Technology of the Soul and features three interviews with creative individuals on passion, education, and career:

The goal of this edition is to shift from time-specific, political op-eds to timeless advice on what it takes to become a value creator and translate personal purpose into a career. We’re eager to share it with everyone in early November.

There’s also supplementary content, including two student submissions. One is a particularly thoughtful entry from our second annual #CapitalistAndProud essay contest. In the second, Contributing Editor Celeste Hook, explores the value of learning literature, and how it’s inspired and instructed her life’s direction.

Thank you for considering us and have a prosperous holiday season!


P.S. If you are interested in ordering, it would help the TU team a ton if you could place your order by Sunday, October 23rd. This helps make printing and shipping more affordable, saves us mental sanity, and let’s us keep our promise to ship the magazine in early November. Thank you.

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