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Ending the Debt Draft: Don Watkins Speaks out about the Welfare State’s Burden on Young People

The Undercurrent is sponsoring a debate between Watkins and Howard Schweber (of the University of Wisconsin and The Huffington Post) on the topic “Is the welfare state just?” on April 1st. Visit the site above or www.itsyourlifeownit.org for more information on how to watch the debate live online.

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Announcing TU’s Spring 2014 Campaign Event! A Debate entitled, “Is the Welfare State Just?”

Best-selling author and Fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute, Don Watkins, will debate UW-Madison political scientist, Howard Schweber, on the morality of the welfare state.

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Who Suffers the Most from a Morality Concerned with Suffering?

Government policies aimed at alleviating unqualified “suffering” . . . reward those who deserve to suffer. . . [and] create undeserved suffering for those who are trying to succeed.

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Ask & You Shall Receive… a Tax Bill

It’s a favorite refrain that the only things one can be certain of in life are death and taxes. But while death is a singular, usually distant occurrence, taxes are ever-present. We find ourselves handing Uncle Sam a share nearly every time we touch our wallets[…] If you want lower taxes, demand smaller government It’s […]

The High Cost of a Free Lunch

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The High Cost of a Free Lunch

Congress recently approved a new budget of staggering proportions. Weighing in at $3.6 trillion, the plan provides billions in allocations towards a national health plan, green energy, foreign aid, education, and countless other programs. The president has declared that his budget is “an economic blueprint for the future- a vision of America… that will lead […]