We’re Igniting the Objectivist Student Movement!

Igniting the Objectivist Student Movement (Part 3) from The Undercurrent on Vimeo.

This October, The Undercurrent hosted the first-ever student conference on Objectivism. We’ve got big plans for 2015, and we’ve already gotten started! 

We broke new ground with this conference. And we’re excited to continue to make waves in the free market community. Students are interested in Objectivism and they want to learn more, and it’s up to us to continue to provide educational and social-networking opportunities that introduce students to and provide more education on authentic Objectivism.

Students were polled to track the impact of the conference. Here’s what we found:

  • The most change in opinion and ways of thinking occurred in students who did not self-identify as Objectivists
  • The topic in which the most movement occurred was that of free will
  • Students showed a significant increase in an understanding of what distinguishes Rand’s philosophy from libertarian ideas
  • Student showed a significant increase in the understanding of topics like free will, selfishness, and intellectual property

If  YOU want to see a positive change in the culture, we urge you to consider supporting our efforts. We’re doing important work!


  • TU cultivates writers that move on to careers in the non-profit sector, politics & law, education, and industry
  • We teach students how to host major campus events that have a REAL impact
  • Our focus on face-to-face interaction lends a positive association to Objectivism
  • We understand students and we work to create opportunities for them to form long-lasting friendships and partnerships with each other and the broader free market movement

The Impact: Donations will have a direct impact on the present student culture. Funds allow us to distribute issues of our print newspaper, host exciting events, and offer quality education to students nationwide. Since the founding of The Undercurrent, we’ve distributed hundreds of thousands of copies of our paper on campuses across the country, and we’ve seen many of our student writers go on to do fantastic things, such as starting their own companies or working as intellectuals at partnering think tanks.

During the past 8 months, we’ve seen a dramatic impact in student attitude toward Objectivism. Students are more excited than ever about throwing events, creating a community of their own, and promoting Ayn Rand’s ideas on campus.

Other Ways You Can Help: Help us get the word out! Share this fundraiser link via FB, Twitter and email. Tell your like-minded friends about this fundraiser and encourage them to donate and share the link.

Let’s keep up the momentum and create a culture that we can all be proud of!

Do you have questions about our current fundraiser? Comment here and we’ll provide you with an answer right away!

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