Campus Media Response: Force May Avail Where a Prayer Fails

New Pro-Life Group Splits Off, February 12, 2009
Columbia Spectator
Columbia University

Within your article, “New Pro-Life Group Splits Off,” an anti-abortion advocate rightly acknowledges that “When people think pro-life, people immediately think politics”. The reason for this is because the “pro-life” movement is not attempting to promote a personal belief. Rather, it is a commitment to compelling others to act according to the “pro-life” viewpoint. The call for “dialogue” is thus an obviously dishonest ruse. Those who have joined the anti-abortion movement are themselves unwilling to be convinced. They enter any discussion for the sole purpose of spreading dogma—and only then, because they’ve failed at using government laws to coerce others into following their beliefs. Reminiscent of Machiavelli, the anti-abortion movement is only using diplomacy now, having failed at using force. So don’t imagine that “dialogue” indicates genuine moderation. For those of us who respect a woman’s right to choose, calls for dialogue are just as frightening as calls for government compulsion—the one is just a means to the other.
Zev Barnett

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