Campus Media Response: Jesus Would Support Obamanomics

Would Jesus Be A Capitalist?
Emory Wheel
Emory University


In your article, “Would Jesus Be A Capitalist?” you describe how, upon noticing a line of scripture while walking through Goizueta Business School, you found yourself laughing with a sense of irony. Jesus, you suggest, would not have endorsed our current economic system. Yet, what specifically would Jesus not have supported? Would Jesus not have supported our movement toward public health care? Would he not have encouraged the government to “give a break” to the million John Does who can’t pay their mortgages? Would he not have embraced increases in unemployment benefits? From higher tax rates on the rich to the cash for clunkers program, we live in a system that increasingly expects those who are successful to pay for those who aren’t. Privation has become the currency of the day: the more of it you have the larger is your claim against the rest of society–and all the while, angels are singing hymns in heaven, for what else could Jesus want? By force of government coercion, we have become our brother’s keepers.
Still, what of your question, “Would Jesus be a capitalist?”

Well Madam, the answer is no, but then again, it’s a sad fact that anyone who’d support what’s going on today is no capitalist.

Zev Barnett

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