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Campus Media Response: Jesus Would Support Obamanomics

Would Jesus Be A Capitalist? Emory Wheel Emory University Madam- In your article, “Would Jesus Be A Capitalist?” you describe how, upon noticing a line of scripture while walking through Goizueta Business School, you found yourself laughing with a sense of irony. Jesus, you suggest, would not have endorsed our current economic system. Yet, what […]

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Campus Media Response: Force May Avail Where a Prayer Fails

New Pro-Life Group Splits Off, February 12, 2009 Columbia Spectator Columbia University Madam— Within your article, “New Pro-Life Group Splits Off,” an anti-abortion advocate rightly acknowledges that “When people think pro-life, people immediately think politics”. The reason for this is because the “pro-life” movement is not attempting to promote a personal belief. Rather, it is […]