Fall 2013 Paid Internships: Apply today!


Join The Undercurrent. Spread the Right Ideas. Get Paid.

Who: Full-time students seeking experience applying Objectivism to today’s world.

What: Paid internship, $1000 stipend (100 hour commitment).

When: Fall 2013 (Sept-Nov).

How: The Undercurrent is always looking for the right people to join our growing team. Apply here! The Undercurrent draws participants from across the country, and therefore interns will work from home, collaborating over email and regular teleconference meetings. Work hours are flexible (averaging 10 hours per week) to allow interns to combine their TU work with normal classwork and other obligations. Candidates should be familiar with Objectivism but need not be experts in the philosophy. Candidates must be full-time students.

Internship Application Deadline: September 4 Editorial Internship Description Our program allows students to participate in our writing and editing activities to communicate an Objectivist analysis of culture and politics for our blog and print formats. Selected candidates will write and publish objective, persuasive articles and blog posts for a general or college audience and receive valuable feedback and editorial guidance from our editing team. Regular tasks include:

– Writing regular shorter blog posts and possibly longer articles for our print editions

– Participation in the collaborative editorial process with other writers

– Attendance and participation at regular teleconference meetings

“I enriched the persuasiveness of my ideas, both in conversation and in writing, as I learned to think more objectively. I regularly found myself asking, ‘What facts make this argument convincing’ and, ‘how do I best communicate these facts to those I’m trying to convince?’”
—Former editorial intern

Questions? editors@the-undercurrent.com

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