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Fostering a Culture of Consent: How to Cultivate Fundamental Opposition to Rape

If we hope ever to succeed in the battle against sexual assault, it’s this cavalier attitude towards consent that we must fight. For if we consistently permit the use of force in society to run people’s entire lives, how can we possibly expect to be taken seriously when suddenly stressing the importance of consent in cases of non-violent sexual assault?

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The Liberal Arts: Why Am I Here Again?

Rather than merely casting blame upon universities for poorly structured humanities programs, we ought to recognize that the full cause of the problem is also due to students aimlessly doing as they have been told.

College, Because They Said So


College, Because They Said So

How the blind emphasis of higher education is undercutting its value “I almost feel I’ve been lied to.” That’s how recent college graduate Brittany Dalberg describes her frustration at not finding a desirable job more than a year after receiving her bachelor’s degree in world religion. Her story is a familiar one for many graduates, […]

Campus Media Response: Let the Free Market Guide Choices for Higher Education

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Campus Media Response: Let the Free Market Guide Choices for Higher Education

With classes starting up again, President Obama took the opportunity to state his vision for the future of American higher education in an article published in several college newspapers. He writes: “So we are making college more affordable, gearing the education you receive to the demands of a global economy, and taking steps to lift […]