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Gay Marriage Must Win Through Appeals to Freedom, Not Equality

Gays should have the right to marry not because of the value of nondiscrimination or equality, but because they have the right to be free to live and associate with others on their own terms.

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The Push for Equality Punishes Academic Excellence (and Every Other Kind)

A concern about inequality—in education or in wealth—treats intelligence and prosperity as social ills equal to illiteracy and destitution.

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Binders Full of Women: The Philosophy Breaking the Business Ladder

The idea that women as a class suffer from discrimination fails to see women as individuals, just as Romney’s comments crudely characterized individual women as nothing but names in a binder.

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Campus Media Response: Thank Goodness Life is Fair

Drawing the line on study drug morality The Yale Herald Yale University Madam— In your article, “Drawing the line on study drug morality,” the idea that “life isn’t fair” is often mentioned with regard to differences of intelligence, money, attention capacity, etc. If the simple fact of disparity is unfair, what then would constitute a […]