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Why Selfish Princeton Students Have No Reason to “Give Back”

Just why does selfishness require us to “give back” to others? Have we stolen our success from them?

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Fostering a Culture of Consent: How to Cultivate Fundamental Opposition to Rape

If we hope ever to succeed in the battle against sexual assault, it’s this cavalier attitude towards consent that we must fight. For if we consistently permit the use of force in society to run people’s entire lives, how can we possibly expect to be taken seriously when suddenly stressing the importance of consent in cases of non-violent sexual assault?

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The Cause of the Adjunct Crisis: How a Research Focus is Destroying Higher Education

The “adjunct crisis” has not grown out of the so-called corporatization of the university. Instead, the crisis is largely a product of the very assumption which both the author of the article and universities across the nation have swallowed: that research is valuable as an end in itself.

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The Character Experiment: How Cultivating Moral Virtue Will Strengthen the Post-Grad Experience

University life presents more than just the opportunity to learn academic content and methods. It also presents a unique opportunity for young adults to hone the particular virtues of character that will prepare them to pursue a happy, successful life.

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No University Left Behind

Under a system where government demands that it get what it pays for, the humanities will either become the propaganda mouthpieces for each and every administration’s political dogma or will otherwise be cut as universities seek to improve their figures.

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How Free Education Produces Undisciplined Minds

There have always been lazy students and unreflective parents, but there have not always been government standards and government money for education that provide perverse incentives that encourage consumers not to think.

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The Liberal Arts: Why Am I Here Again?

Rather than merely casting blame upon universities for poorly structured humanities programs, we ought to recognize that the full cause of the problem is also due to students aimlessly doing as they have been told.

College, Because They Said So


College, Because They Said So

How the blind emphasis of higher education is undercutting its value “I almost feel I’ve been lied to.” That’s how recent college graduate Brittany Dalberg describes her frustration at not finding a desirable job more than a year after receiving her bachelor’s degree in world religion. Her story is a familiar one for many graduates, […]