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Kira Peikoff’s Living Proof Speaks To Today’s Controversy on Stem Cell Research

There is no evidence for the existence of souls in embryos. Stem cell research ought to be commended not condemned, and more importantly, should never forbidden by law.

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Faith and Reason: Friends or Foes?

“The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason.” Like many before and after him, Benjamin Franklin recognized that faith and reason are opposites. Men, he thought, can seek truth by using either reason or faith, but not both. Many people today, however, do not believe that there is a conflict […]


Joining Heart and Head: A Cure for the House, MD Blues

It is a common view that the quest for truth breeds misery-as echoed lately in viewer responses to House, MD. Raking in four Emmy nominations, including Best Dramatic Series, House has emerged as the most popular show on primetime TV. Its title character, Dr. Gregory House, is a brilliant, cynically sarcastic doctor described by many […]

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Morality: Who Needs It

Do you lead a moral life? To many this may sound like an old-fashioned question. To them, the idea of “morality” connotes a series of stale, burdensome rules, usually urging chastity, renunciation, and tithing. Most people, of course, will refuse to break certain moral taboos, usually because of social pressure. But few thirst for living […]

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World Peace Requires World Freedom

If your college campus is anything like mine, there are probably at least a few posters around declaring the evils of war and exhorting everyone to work for “world peace.” It’s not a new call. For centuries, people have worked and prayed for world peace, but it hasn’t happened yet. Why has this goal never […]

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The Bait and Switch of “Intelligent Design”

Legal and political battle lines have been drawn across the country over the teaching of “intelligent design”–the view that life is so complex it must be the product of a “higher intelligence.” The central issue under debate is whether “intelligent design” is, in fact, a genuine scientific theory or merely a disguised form of religious […]

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Moral Values Without Religion

Does morality depend upon religion? Most people believe it does, which is a major reason behind the appeal of the religious right. People believe that without faith in a supernatural authority, we can have no moral values–no moral absolutes, no black-and-white distinctions, no firm demarcation between good and evil–in life or in politics. This is […]

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Objectivism in the Culture: A Man of Science Crusades Against Intelligent Design

Last December, a Pennsylvania Federal District court ruled that the Dover School District cannot teach “intelligent design”–the theory that the complexity of life indicates the existence of a divine “designer”–as a scientific alternative to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Judge John E. Jones argued that intelligent design creationism constitutes a religious as opposed to scientific idea, […]

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The Case for Girly Beauty

I must confess, I love to go shopping. Although my meager grad student stipend doesn’t generally afford outlandish spending sprees, I delight in simple, gratis pleasures such as testing lotion samples at Bath & Body Works and visiting boutiques to try on colorful, lush silk dresses that I could never afford. Like Audrey Hepburn in […]

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The Anti-Science Convergence

The anti-science right is on the march. Whether they’re opposing embryonic stem cell research, evolution, the effectiveness of condoms, therapeutic cloning, or Terri Schiavo’s medical diagnosis, conservatives are standing firmly against science whenever it conflicts with their vision and values. “You should allow the Word of God to drive your understanding of the evidence,” says […]

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