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Give Female Athletes What They Deserve

Written by Thomas Duke and J.A. Windham 11.38 seconds. That’s what it takes to be truly in a class of your own at the Olympic Games. As Katie Ledecky blew away the field and her own world record in the 800-meter freestyle, we couldn’t help but marvel at the results of her incredible training and […]

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Punished for Getting the Gold

Obama’s antitrust-enforcers act to destroy companies of ability in the economy. The Michael Phelpses of business want to swim as fast as their minds and bodies can go, but they can’t because the judge keeps moving the finish line away, on grounds that they’ll win too many golds

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Their Trophies Should Inspire Yours, Not Replace Them

It is just a game. Those athletes’ own trophies can’t fill your shelves. But games do mean something. Reflect on these athletes’ achievements and then be your own biggest fan—win in your own life.

Is There an ‘I’ in Team?

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Is There an ‘I’ in Team?

  The world celebrates sports, particularly team sports. Soccer matches are so contentious in Europe that it’s not uncommon for riots to break out over the game’s outcome. In the United States, football has arguably eclipsed baseball as America’s national pastime. Beyond the entertainment value itself, many see special value in the teamwork epitomized in […]


The Super Bowl — “Giants” Among Men

Almost everyone loves the Super Bowl. Super Bowl Sunday has been an unofficial holiday in the United States for decades, and the Monday following the Super Bowl is the one day of the year employees are most likely to call in sick. On the list of the top 30 most watched television broadcasts of all […]