The Morality of Self-Interest: Under the Surface Episode 4 (Final Episode)


Under the Surface Episode 4: The Morality of Self-Interest from The Undercurrent on Vimeo.

The Undercurrent is proud to announce the release of the final episode of the “Under The Surface” series. The series aims to present Objectivist ideas in a relatable manner to those students who are either unfamiliar with Ayn Rand’s philosophy, or who hold common misconceptions about Objectivism.

Watch “Rethinking Selfishness: Ayn Rand’s New Conception of Egoism,” a lecture by Dr. Onkar Ghate to learn more.

In the fourth and final installment, we summarize the implications of the earlier episodes. What one upholds when one affirms the importance of choosing one’s own standards, of finding meaning in one’s life, and being willing to fight for one’s vision of what is meaningful, is a code of morality. But it is a code of morality unlike most conventional codes of morality. It is a code of the morality of self-interest. Subjects interviewed discuss what the self really is, what its interests are, and why pursuing these interest demands a rigorous set of standards. The most important of these standards is that we not sacrifice the interests of the
self, not to anyone or anything else.


We’d like to extend another big thanks to Magnanimous Media, who helped us produce this high-quality video.

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