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The Character Experiment: How Cultivating Moral Virtue Will Strengthen the Post-Grad Experience

University life presents more than just the opportunity to learn academic content and methods. It also presents a unique opportunity for young adults to hone the particular virtues of character that will prepare them to pursue a happy, successful life.

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The Morality of Self-Interest: Under the Surface Episode 4 (Final Episode)

  Under the Surface Episode 4: The Morality of Self-Interest from The Undercurrent on Vimeo. The Undercurrent is proud to announce the release of the final episode of the “Under The Surface” series. The series aims to present Objectivist ideas in a relatable manner to those students who are either unfamiliar with Ayn Rand’s philosophy, or […]

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“Rethinking Selfishness: Ayn Rand’s New Conception of Egoism,” a lecture by Dr. Onkar Ghate

Dr. Onkar Ghate’s lecture explores how Rand challenges us to radically reconsider our beliefs about right and wrong.

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Why Stand Up For Yourself?: Under the Surface Episode 3

Subjects interviewed discuss conflicts they have faced with parents, coworkers, and mentors, and the attitudes they developed to live through and rise above the conflict.

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Who Sets Your Standards? Announcing the First Video in Our Fall Campaign

Our new video series, “Under the Surface,” features inspiring individuals who have put themselves first and achieved noteable personal and professional successes as a consequence.

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The Liberal Arts: Why Am I Here Again?

Rather than merely casting blame upon universities for poorly structured humanities programs, we ought to recognize that the full cause of the problem is also due to students aimlessly doing as they have been told.

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Ayn Rand: Decide for Yourself

In evaluating Ayn Rand, as with any subject, it is important for us to make our own decisions regarding the truth of her philosophy. Pick up one of her novels or essays and draw your own conclusions.