Why Stand Up For Yourself?: Under the Surface Episode 3

Under the Surface Episode 3: Why Stand Up for Yourself? from The Undercurrent on Vimeo.

The Undercurrent is happy to announce the release of yet another episode, our third, in the “Under The Surface” series. The series aims to present Objectivist ideas in a relatable manner to those students who are either unfamiliar with Ayn Rand’s philosophy, or who hold common misconceptions about Objectivism.

In the third installment, we interview people who have fought for their values in the face of adversity and have come out on top. Subjects interviewed discuss conflicts they have faced with parents, coworkers, and mentors, and the attitudes they developed to live through and rise above the conflict. Further they comment on the value of experiencing one’s own efficacy in the face of opposition, and the sense of efficacy that comes from resolving conflicts and helping others share one’s own values–especially if one does not dwell on conflict and does not regard oneself as one’s brother’s keeper.

We’d like to extend another big thanks to Magnanimous Media, who helped us produce this high-quality video.

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Valery Publius is the pen name of a teacher living in the American South.