What Gives Your Life Meaning?: Under the Surface Episode 2

Under the Surface Episode 1: What Gives Your Life Meaning? from The Undercurrent on Vimeo.

The Undercurrent is happy to announce the release of its second video in our “Under The Surface” series. The series aims to present Objectivist ideas in a relatable manner to those students who are either unfamiliar with Ayn Rand’s philosophy, or who hold common misconceptions about Objectivism.

In the second installment of Under the Surface, we interview people who find that productive work adds meaning and purpose to their lives. Subjects interviewed explore the parallels between creativity in art and in business, and comment on the importance of loving the doing vs. the rewards that result from doing it. Further they comment on how excelling at a productive career is a form of self-expression and a realization of the pursuit of rational self-interest.

We’d again like to extend our thanks to Magnanimous Media, whose team worked hard to as volunteers produce this high-quality video.

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