“Rethinking Selfishness: Ayn Rand’s New Conception of Egoism,” a lecture by Dr. Onkar Ghate

The Undercurrent is pleased to announce the release of our Fall 2013 campaign lecture, “Rethinking Selfishness” by Onkar Ghate. This campaign lecture, held at Stanford University, is part of a larger campaign, aimed at promoting Ayn Rand’s idea of selfishness on campuses nationwide.

Dr. Onkar Ghate’s lecture explores how Rand challenges us to radically reconsider our beliefs about right and wrong, why our misunderstandings about the notion of selfishness impair our ability to think about morality, and how Rand’s conception of self-interest is distinctive. Dr. Ghate explains why selfishness has served him as source of unconventional but inspiring moral guidance and why Rand teaches that morality is about creating a self whose interests you can truly speak of advancing.

For more on how The Undercurrent plans to promote rational selfishness on campus, check out our campaign website: It’s Your Life. Own It!

Special thanks go to The Ayn Rand Institute, who co-sponsored this event.

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