‘Virtual’ Ayn Rand Lecture Coming to a Campus Near You on March 31st!

“Ideas Matter: Ayn Rand’s Message to Today’s World” is the first-of-its-kind lecture event, during which students across the country will be able to participate and connect with others interested in Ayn Rand’s ideas.

The lecture will be broadcast from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 31st, and will be viewable live at 24 other schools across the country. The speaker, Dr. Yaron Brook, will take questions from students at all locations nationwide.

For more information, visit our companion website: http://ideas.theundercurrent.info

Note to students: if you do not see a specific event for your campus, it means that we don’t have a liaison at your school yet. Contact Us if you’re interested in hosting an event on your campus.

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