• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000536747848 Jennifer Snow

    There was *at least* one study indicating that giving out homework has a very weak correlation with academic achievement at best, particularly in grades K-6. Granted, the studies cited in this overview study were all considered flawed:


    Not that I think the rationalization for this policy is a GOOD one, or that the government should be involved in dictating this kind of thing ANYWAY, just that you may be shooting the wrong target, here.

    • Martin

      When would one study? Create? I always felt that the MOST important part of learning was at home, in your room, with your books and notes- working things out until you’ve “got it”.

  • Jet Spygul

    Are you seriously using an irrelevant quote made by some French politician as a strawman in order to push for higher inequality? This is the most ridiculous leap in logic I have ever seen. See if this makes sense:

    1. Some guy says we should eliminate homework, for dubious reasons

    2. People who are pushing for a fairer society should go off themselves immediately. RICH people make the world go ’round, and therefore we should nullify all efforts to help poor people, because when I break my car, a mechanic can fix it, and when I need software, an engineer can make it.

    But wait, what about all those people that can’t afford a car? What about all the people that can’t afford the hundreds of dollars in fancy hardware (ipads, etc) in order to download a $1.99 app? Look at all these people that are still stuck where they are, because no one afforded them the opportunity. You can’t possibly think that it is good for American society when half the country can’t afford the stuff that rich people are trying to sell. You can only live in a fantasy world for so long. Eventually you will have to come out of your bubble.

    You are framing this as a “oh no, something is being taken away from the rich” situation, when in reality, it’s about giving the poor a better chance. Do I agree with the French guy? Hell no. But, you are delusional if you think that Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs achieved success because of homework. If anything, it’s the opposite; their free time contributed to their success. You only earn free time by not having 3 crappy jobs to work just to put food on the table.

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