13,000 copies to 30+ campuses!

13,000 copies of the latest issue are being shipped across the country.TU will again be available at over 30 campuses. Our thanks to the many students who are distributing the paper.About 20 of the orders were for only 250 copies. Many students have told us that they will gladly distribute higher numbers if they can get them for free. Undoubtedly, there are also students who did not order at all, but who would distribute if they didn’t have to also pay for their copies.So if you think TU is a worthwhile project, consider donating (click “donate” above). Every bit helps. In the case of this issue, for example, $286 in donations would have doubled every one our 250 copy orders into 500 copy orders.As always, feedback on any aspect of TU is greatly appreciated. Just click “contact” above.

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