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To Win Your World, Risk It All

Fundamentally, self-confidence is a willingness to take action and fail, because a confident person understands that despite the possibility of failure, they are capable of succeeding.

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Stop Hitting the Snooze Bar on Life

The lesson is to be aware of when you’re unhappy or unsatisfied. Your inner sense of unhappiness is an indicator prompting you to make a change. At an early age, successful people develop an almost uncontrollable urge to take action and make a change based merely on this inner feeling of unhappiness.

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Campus Media Response: Israel’s Answer to the Iranian Threat: Consensus?

Each Israeli citizen has the right to live a life free from abductions, suicide bombers, rocket attacks, and a nuclear-armed enemy hell-bent on their annihilation. This should not be open to the decision of a consensus.

Campus Media Response: The Iranian Threat—In Their Own Words

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Campus Media Response: The Iranian Threat—In Their Own Words

Iran may make claims or engage in activities which appear contrary to our view of them as rigid fundamentalists. But time and again, Iran has proven it has pursued one consistent goal since its agents besieged the American embassy and took hostages in 1979.