Calling Writers for Issue 4!

The Undercurrent is now accepting submissions for its fourth issue, due to be distributed in September. The theme for this issue is education. This can mean anything from the intellectual atmosphere on college campuses, to the problem with modern philosophies of education, to the political validity of public school systems.

For article ideas on all subjects, including many relevant to the theme of this issue, see our topics blog, a repository of article abstracts. Feel free to contribute to the topics blog, even if you do not wish to contribute a full-fledged article to this issue.As always, The Undercurrent is also considering submissions that do not fit with the education theme.

As always, submissions should be about 750 words in length or a bit longer, aimed at an audience of intelligent, non-Objectivist college students. See here for detailed submission guidelines. The deadline for submissions is August 22nd. Email your submission to

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