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Fall 2013 Paid Internships: Apply today!

Write for TU and get paid $1000! Learn more about TU’s Editorial Internship for the Fall of 2013.

Help us Ignite the Objectivist Student Movement

Help us Ignite the Objectivist Student Movement

Help support The Undercurrent’s ambitious activist projects for the fall semester of 2013!

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Who Suffers the Most from a Morality Concerned with Suffering?

Government policies aimed at alleviating unqualified “suffering” . . . reward those who deserve to suffer. . . [and] create undeserved suffering for those who are trying to succeed.

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“It’s None of Your Business!”—Say It about More than Just Government Surveillance

Very little of the fury directed against the NSA has been saved for the IRS. Perhaps the double standard is purely partisan, but the deeper cause is philosophical: no one seems to think privacy is sacred when it concerns money.