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“Check Your Privilege” Insults Your Intellectual Autonomy

We should reject racism and sexism because their most basic premises deny human intellectual autonomy. Both see individual human beings as slaves of their genetics and environment. The privilege checkers who say we cannot help but see the world through the filter of our privilege share this premise. It is the most crucial premise to check—and reject.

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A Professor’s Tribute to Ayn Rand is a Dramatic Reminder of the Value of Individualism

Hill recounts a story familiar to many of us at The Undercurrent: how, as a young man, he first discovered the writings of Ayn Rand, author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. But Hill’s story is one of the more dramatic versions of this story that we’ve heard.

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Romney, the Race Card, and the Danger of Vague Ideas

Racism is wrong because it assumes that a person’s race (something he can’t choose) determines his character (which is determined by ideas he does choose). Since culture consists of ideas that many people choose to hold, it is legitimate and necessary to judge how those choices affect the lives of the people in a culture.

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Hate Crimes Legislation Unmasks Blind Justice

Of course we should all be opposed to racial prejudice, especially to crimes committed on the basis of such prejudice. But are such crimes worse than wrongdoings committed from some other malicious motive?

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Affirmative Action: A Solution to Racism—Or Its Symptom?

  Racism was and is a part of American culture. Most of us have probably heard or even said a racist quip or a derogatory comment on the street, in the locker room or at the water cooler. “Oh, he’s black, he must have voted for Obama.” “You know what they say, white men can’t […]

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The Alternative to Non-Discrimination Law

In my previous post I argued that non-discrimination laws were immoral. But you might still wonder what we can do about the many irrational employers who might discriminate in the workplace. Without such laws won’t many employers consider race and sex unfairly? Won’t there be businesses that choose not to hire certain individuals based on […]

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To Hire, and To Befriend. Should Government Have a Say?

Fairness. Individual rights. Equality under the law. These are all things we, as Americans, and more deeply, as human beings, cherish. We have accepted these ideas as moral, virtuous, and something towards which we ought to strive. It was allegedly in the name of these values that President Obama, with a swift stroke of his […]

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Ending Racism through Racism

According to a recent Associated Press article, black conservatives are conflicted about whom to vote for in the upcoming presidential election. These conservatives are opposed to presidential candidate, Barack Obama’s ideology and policies, but for some reason still feel compelled to vote for him. Armstrong Williams, a black conservative talk show host, says that it […]

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The “Hate Crimes” Bandwagon

On January 14 of this year, the bodies of all four members of an Egyptian family were discovered dead in their New Jersey home. Until recent arrests in the case, it was widely believed that the murders were the work of Islamic militants. For example, Daniel Pipes noted certain similarities to executions performed “in the […]