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In this edition, we look at issues ranging from the conservative war on sex to the growing popularity of the idea that governments should measure and maximize “Gross National Happiness.” With regards to the latter, Noah Stahl offers an analysis of why the growing trend for a top-down governmental approach to fostering happiness, while tempting, is a dangerous one, both in its view of what constitutes happiness, and in its vision of the proper relationship of the government to the individual. Valery Publius examines the roots of a popular double standard about the value of freedom, and argues that the popular prejudice that tolerates the restriction of economic liberties but decries the violation of civil liberties is just that—a bigoted prejudice that has no role in a civilized society. Emily Hart writes in response to Obama’s contention that because business owners “didn’t build that,” they should “give back” to society, and instead contends the reason any individual deserves success is because of the simple fact that that individual uses their mind to produce and achieve. In his analysis of an important aspect of the Sandra Fluke controversy, Josh Windham argues that the so-called conservative “war on women” is a misnomer, and that some of the conservatives opposed to Fluke are really enemies of something else entirely. Finally, Nicholas Marquiss’ latest piece explains how the real debt crisis in Europe is not financial but moral.

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