I am pleased to announce a new way that you can financially support The Undercurrent (TU), without spending a dime. TU has just been added to the list of eligible non-profit organisations for donations from GoodSearch. GoodSearch is a search engine powered by Yahoo Search that donates money to whatever non-profit organization that you choose. By choosing TU as your designated beneficiary and using the search engine, you will be supporting the cause of introducing thousands of students to Ayn Rand’s ideas.

You can also support TU by using GoodShop. There is a link to GoodShop on the GoodSearch homepage. Anytime you’re planning to buy something from Ebay, Amazon, Best Buy, Itunes, and hundreds of other stores, go to their websites through GoodShop, and a certain percentage of the cost of your purchases will be donated to TU. It’s that simple.

Thank you, from all of us at TU.

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