Undercurrent Blog Writing Meeting

Would you like to write for The Undercurrent but aren’t sure how to get started? If so, consider attending our first blog writing meeting on Sunday, April 19th!

For those of you who attended our blog information session in February and are interested in writing for us, this meeting will help you develop your first topic. Perhaps you already have some great ideas in mind but do not know how to delimit them into something manageable. Just come to our meeting prepared to discuss your article ideas. Our editors will work through as many potential topics as we can so that you can leave the meeting with an article plan in hand.

If you don’t yet have an article idea, don’t worry – we also plan to brainstorm about possible topics and offer suggestions for new TU blog pieces.

In addition, we will briefly address questions about how writing for TU works – such as what the editing process is like and how to submit article ideas.

This meeting is meant for both newer TU writers and for anyone who might be interested in writing for us, whether on a regular basis or just as an occasional guest writer. Note that you need not be a student to write for us, but of course all TU articles are written with a university student’s context in mind.

The meeting will be by teleconference, so if you are interested in attending, please email us at contact [at] the-undercurrent [dot] com to get call-in information.

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