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The Value Creation Gap: Why CEO Pay is So High

CEOs may not work 380 times harder than employees, but they do create a substantially greater amount of value. And it is the CEO who enables the employees to have a job in which their skills can create value in the first place.

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Who You are to Judge: A Response to Pope Francis and the Cult of “Tolerance”

Try as we may, we cannot abandon the necessity of judgment . . . The most we can do is pretend that we do not need to judge, and abdicate the responsibility of forming judgments rationally, abandoning our judgment to chance and whim.

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Hate Crimes Legislation Unmasks Blind Justice

Of course we should all be opposed to racial prejudice, especially to crimes committed on the basis of such prejudice. But are such crimes worse than wrongdoings committed from some other malicious motive?


Campus Media Response: Nobody Deserves Egalitarianism

  Recently, Brian Shaud argued in Georgetown University’s The Hoya that a growing wealth gap in the United States is the cause of various social ills. At the root of his argument is his conception of the American dream, “that each citizen has a chance at material and personal success, independent of the condition of […]

To Judge or Not To Judge Mark Sanford

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To Judge or Not To Judge Mark Sanford

Writing for South Carolina’s Sun News, journalist Isaac Bailey offers us cutting commentary about how his State’s General Assembly recently failed to impeach governor Mark Sanford. Sanford has admitted to lying to his State, flaunting State travel laws, and engaging in a range of disgraceful behaviors to cover his tracks while engaged in an extra-marital […]

A Lack of Judgment

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A Lack of Judgment

Last month, Major Nidal Hasan killed 13 people and wounded several others in a massacre at Fort Hood. Newly revealed details depict an outrageously delicate handling of Hasan preceding the killings. For instance, Hasan’s superiors at Walter Reed Medical Center found him to be incompetent and a danger to his patients’ mental health. His peers […]

Whatever Happened to Suzette Kelo?

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Whatever Happened to Suzette Kelo?

What do a wasteland full of weeds, Pfizer, and the Supreme Court have in common? The answer is the power of eminent domain. In the 2005 case of Kelo v. City of New London, the Supreme Court ruled that the city of New London was allowed to seize Suzette Kelo’s home and give the property […]

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The Alternative to Non-Discrimination Law

In my previous post I argued that non-discrimination laws were immoral. But you might still wonder what we can do about the many irrational employers who might discriminate in the workplace. Without such laws won’t many employers consider race and sex unfairly? Won’t there be businesses that choose not to hire certain individuals based on […]

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Campus Media Response: Thank Goodness Life is Fair

Drawing the line on study drug morality The Yale Herald Yale University Madam— In your article, “Drawing the line on study drug morality,” the idea that “life isn’t fair” is often mentioned with regard to differences of intelligence, money, attention capacity, etc. If the simple fact of disparity is unfair, what then would constitute a […]