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Of Zombies and Men: What the Apocalyptic Reveals about the Mainstream View of Wealth

Men are not zombies doomed to mindlessly consume their fellows. In a society where people are free to trade or not as they wish, all transfers of wealth are for mutual benefit.

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Critics of Romney’s Private Equity Work are Morally Biased

The White House also pushed GM into closing down many dealerships as a way of cutting costs. Yet critics of Romney do not attack Obama for “downsizing.” There is a double standard deeper than politics at play here.

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In Defense of Outsourcing: Hiring Abroad is Both Economically Practical and Morally Upright

You have the right to move from Manhattan to Brooklyn in order to lower your living costs. For the same reason, businessmen have the right to move their manufacturing from America to China to lower their production costs.

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Punished for Getting the Gold

Obama’s antitrust-enforcers act to destroy companies of ability in the economy. The Michael Phelpses of business want to swim as fast as their minds and bodies can go, but they can’t because the judge keeps moving the finish line away, on grounds that they’ll win too many golds

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All Entrepreneurs are “Social” Entrepreneurs

One cannot celebrate enough the value that profit-seeking entrepreneurs contribute to our lives. The most important “social entrepreneurs”—the problem solvers who lift up society—are the profit-makers, not the profit-givers.

Why Financiers on Wall Street Earn Their Wealth

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Why Financiers on Wall Street Earn Their Wealth

Most everyone agrees that if you work, you should be compensated based on your productivity, skill, and time. Financiers are no different: their work demands far more than forty hours a week, their skills are highly specialized, and the value of what they produce depends on their focused, creative performance.

Rhodes Scholars take the Road to Wall Street

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Rhodes Scholars take the Road to Wall Street

Elliot Gerson, secretary of the Rhodes trust, points to an interesting trend: In the past thirty or so years, Rhodes Scholars have disproportionately chosen to go into Wall Street careers. He writes: “Only three American Rhodes scholars in the 1970s (out of 320) went directly into business from Oxford; by the late 1980s the number […]

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In Defense of Income Inequality

The issue of income inequality reveals one of the ugliest aspects of today’s culture. The ugliness stems not from the existence of income inequality–but from the motives of those who denounce it. Income inequality used to be a rabble-rousing issue of the left. Now it is being raised by mainstream figures, from the head of […]