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Announcing TU’s Spring 2014 Campaign Event! A Debate entitled, “Is the Welfare State Just?”

Best-selling author and Fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute, Don Watkins, will debate UW-Madison political scientist, Howard Schweber, on the morality of the welfare state.

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Unlearning Individualism: The Lessons of Compulsory Education

Requiring people to attend school, over and against their (and their family’s) wishes teaches students that they should not trust their own judgment, that they should instead respect the values that government authority figures dictate to them.

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We’re Now Taking Orders for the Spring 2014 Edition!

The newest edition of The Undercurrent is now available to order, and will arrive on your doorstep in the middle of March!

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The Character Experiment: How Cultivating Moral Virtue Will Strengthen the Post-Grad Experience

University life presents more than just the opportunity to learn academic content and methods. It also presents a unique opportunity for young adults to hone the particular virtues of character that will prepare them to pursue a happy, successful life.

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Who You are to Judge: A Response to Pope Francis and the Cult of “Tolerance”

Try as we may, we cannot abandon the necessity of judgment . . . The most we can do is pretend that we do not need to judge, and abdicate the responsibility of forming judgments rationally, abandoning our judgment to chance and whim.

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Webmaster Internship: Apply Today!

Intern TU and get paid! Learn more about TU’s Webmaster Internship, starting this spring!

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