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Distribution List, So Far

We here at TU have been pleasantly surprised by the number of students volunteering to distribute the next issue. We’ve already secured orders for well over 18,000 copies across 27 campuses in 14 states, easily a record for us.The list so far is: Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Florida State University, the University of Utah, the University […]

January Issue

The next issue will go to press next week. The theme is religion. The articles are available for preview on the right.If you care about the survival of our culture, as we desperately do, please consider distributing The Undercurrent on your campus. We won’t review for you all the ways in which our culture is […]

Justice Has A New Face

As you may have noticed, there was no second issue this semester. Based on the first four issues, both the products and our experience in producing them, we took some time to clarify our goals and change the paper accordingly. We are scaling back on the cultural commentary. There will still be articles and arguments, […]

Fourth Blogger Contest

Greetings, bloggers! The Undercurrent is soliciting submissions for its 4th blogger contest. The topic is Hurricane Katrina. We’re interested in hearing this topic from a new slant. Example: “Why September 11th is more significant than Katrina.” Feel free to write an article on exactly that. As always, the winning article will be printed in the […]

Call for Articles for Issue 5

Preparation for Issue 5 of TU is now underway. We’re accepting articles on any topic. The deadline for submission (of first drafts) is October 10. Issue 5 is slated for release in early November.Questions? Email us. For information on getting involved with The Undercurrent, please join our mailing list. You can also peruse this site […]

Distribute Issue 4 of TU

Looking to spread Ayn Rand’s ideas among college students? You can’t afford not to distribute The Undercurrent–find out more about both our project and forthcoming issue, below.Here’s an indication of the articles inside Issue 4; tell us right away if you’re interested in ordering a batch of copies. Does your campus club have any upcoming […]


Staff Editorial: Campus Survival, Undercurrent Style

Ah, back to school. The crisp autumn air, the stroll down the Quad, the hustle and bustle of campus. Time for Boola Boola, Hoya Saxa, Chu-Chu-Ra-Ra and all the rest. But this year, for the first time, Joe College sets foot on campus with an unbeatable ally: a fresh copy of The Undercurrent. And not […]

Calling Writers for Issue 4!

The Undercurrent is now accepting submissions for its fourth issue, due to be distributed in September. The theme for this issue is education. This can mean anything from the intellectual atmosphere on college campuses, to the problem with modern philosophies of education, to the political validity of public school systems. For article ideas on all […]

July Issue

The July issue of TU has been printed and is being distributed. The finalized articles are available on the right, as are the PDFs. As usual, these PDFs are locked from printing, and you’ll need to ask permission for unlocked copies.The exact numbers on the scope of the distribution are still being processed by our […]

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Staff Editorial: The Needs of the Mind

Different sectors of our culture, usually divided over matters political, are curiously united in their opposition to something called “materialism.” The secular left decries business and commerce as “crass” and “alienating,” bemoaning the relentless acquisition of gas-guzzling SUVs and cookie-cutter suburban homes. Not to be outdone, the religious right warns how the delights of the […]